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The OFFICIAL Drop-Shipping Queen

My name is Joy & I am the owner of 13 online stores/boutiques, an online business coach, & mentor, who has dominated the E-commerce world using the Drop-Shipping method. I am also the owner of QueendomBiz Associates, an e-commerce & online business consulting firm that specializes in drop-shipping & online business development. 

Known as the "Drop-Shipping Queen", it is my mission to help you clarify your vision, outline your goals, & build out your online business from start to profits! I am dedicated to helping people around the world generate the passive income needed to financially fuel their purpose & build wealth for generations to come!!

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Image by Marten Bjork
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With 9 years in the game & several online stores & boutiques, I have dominated e-commerce with Drop-Shipping!


After years of dedication & hard work I have been able create a stream of passive income that produces multiple streams of income to help financially fuel my purpose & help others do the same! 

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